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              Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
              High-tech water-based products
              High boiling point solvent MADE
              Waterborne epoxy resin
              EM-6900 waterborne acrylic ...
              EMB-2800 Series Thermopla...
              EMB-5800 series acrylic water...
              HW-100 waterborne inorganic ...
              HSJ series nano-penetrating ...
              Adipic acid
              Alkyd resin
              Acrylic resin
              Saturated polyester resin
              Synthetic fatty acid resin
              Curing agent

              We always purchase and product the solvent,resin, paint coating and so on products' raw material, if you have the strength to provide the long-term and stable service for us, welcome you to join our supplier troop. Partial large quantity purchased raw materials' detailed list as follows:

              Name Amount purchased Name Amount purchased
              Import TDI(Japan) 200 T/Month methanol 300 T/Month
              Homemade phenyl-anhydride 200 T/Month butyl acetate 150 T/Month
              trimethylolpropane 80 T/Month xylene 300 T/Month
              Import phenyl-anhydride 300 T/Month CAC 300 T/Year
              monoacid 150 T/Month talcum powder, coarse whiting, fine particle calcium carbonate 600 T/Year
              oleic acid(soybean) 150 T/Month acrylic acid monomer 300 T/Year
              styrene 150 T/Month titanium dioxide pigment 200 T/Year
              glycol 150 T/Month rutile type titanium pigment 300 T/Year
              pentaerythritol 150 T/Month lithopone 300 T/Year
              94% pentaerythritol 200 T/Month 5000 bitumastic coal 350 T/Month
              4,5,6 carbon dicarboxylic acid 1000 T/Month various packagea  

              Contact methods: 
              Telephone: +86-510-87941886 
              Fax: +86-510-87941886 
              Email: euiomoda@euiomoda.com

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