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              Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
              High-tech water-based products
              High boiling point solvent MADE
              Waterborne epoxy resin
              EM-6900 waterborne acrylic ...
              EMB-2800 Series Thermopla...
              EMB-5800 series acrylic water...
              HW-100 waterborne inorganic ...
              HSJ series nano-penetrating ...
              Adipic acid
              Alkyd resin
              Acrylic resin
              Saturated polyester resin
              Synthetic fatty acid resin
              Curing agent

              Aim of environmental protection:
              OUIOMODE technology industry conforms to the ISO14001 Environment Control System and improves the Environment Control System regulations ceaselessly. OUMODE paint industry advocates "green consumption" and develop and produce environmental protection type chemicals and green coatings; strictly recycle and dispose the wastes and protect the ecological environment in order to guarantee customers' health and life safety. 

              Quality aim:
              OUMODE technology industry conforms to the ISO9001 Quality Control System, strictly follow the standardized quality control through the whole company. From the raw material purchase to the product leave factory, from the upstream operation to the lower stream operation. we always stick to the system and test it one by one and never allow to sell the unqualified product.

              OUMODE technology industry has established several service centers around the country, and has fulfilled the after-sale service function. We shall try our best to provide the professional guide to our customer and provide the individual service to different customer.

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