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              Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
              High-tech water-based products
              High boiling point solvent MADE
              Waterborne epoxy resin
              EM-6900 waterborne acrylic ...
              EMB-2800 Series Thermopla...
              EMB-5800 series acrylic water...
              HW-100 waterborne inorganic ...
              HSJ series nano-penetrating ...
              Adipic acid
              Alkyd resin
              Acrylic resin
              Saturated polyester resin
              Synthetic fatty acid resin
              Curing agent
              EM-6900 / 6901 water-based acrylic self-drying resin / water-based acrylic baking resin (50% ± 2)

              This product is produced by using advanced technology formula. The paint has good dispersibility, full paint film effect, long lasting gloss, strong water resistance and good corrosion resistance. Working with EM-6888 water-based polyurethane curing agent, it has good gloss retention. The activation period is more than 3-4 hours, and the viscosity changes are small. It is a high-tech series product with good performance and strong cost performance. The main hydroxyl value: 3.1, 1.8, 0.6, etc., widely used in the production of self-drying, plastic, baking paint, the highest baking temperature of 220 degrees without yellowing, has a unique scientific and technological content, can be comparable to international and domestic products.

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