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              Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
              High-tech water-based products
              High boiling point solvent MADE
              Waterborne epoxy resin
              EM-6900 waterborne acrylic ...
              EMB-2800 Series Thermopla...
              EMB-5800 series acrylic water...
              HW-100 waterborne inorganic ...
              HSJ series nano-penetrating ...
              Adipic acid
              Alkyd resin
              Acrylic resin
              Saturated polyester resin
              Synthetic fatty acid resin
              Curing agent
              STEP-5890 / 5891 solvent-based epoxy curing agent (STEP-5890: 80% ± 2, STEP-5891: 40% ± 2)

              This product uses advanced technology and imported raw materials. The color is white waterand transparent. It is widely used in various paints made of solvent-based epoxy, with functions of self-leveling, self-defoaming, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It is an upgraded version of traditional solvent-based epoxy curing agents and is an international advanced level. The product has an amine value (80% solids) of 300-360 and an active equivalent of 120-150.

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