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              Jiangsu Euiomoda Co., Ltd.
              High-tech water-based products
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              Curing agent
              HSJ series nano-penetrating super waterproofing agent

              Product description:

              Product model, name: HSJ series nano-penetrating super waterproofing agent

              Performance characteristics:

              1. Non-toxic, non-irritating odor, non-explosive, non-combustible. It is miscible with water and has no pollution to the environment. It is completely in line with health and environmental protection.

              2, excellent waterproof performance.

              3, excellent weather resistance and durability, strong impermeability, anti-seepage and moisture-proof life of more than 15 years, no maintenance and protection.

              4, once brushing, effective for life.

              Technical Parameters:

              Appearance: colorless or yellowish transparent liquid

              Viscosity: low viscosity

              PH value: 10-14

              Specific gravity: 1.05-1.10

              Flammability: non-combustible

              Dilution: blended with water in a ratio of 1:0.5-1, blended with cement in a ratio of 1:5-6


              1. It is widely used for leakage and waterproofing of dry and crack-free parts such as building surfaces, interior and exterior walls, foundations, floors, kitchens, grain depots, reservoir dams, and civil air defense projects.

              2. It is used for impregnation of highly water-absorbing inorganic polymers, such as perlite board, roofing brick, high-rise building light brick facing, inorganic fabric, thermal insulation material, etc., so that it has remarkable waterproof and moisture-proof effects.

              3. It is used for waterproofing and color protection of water-soluble architectural coatings to prevent pollution and prevent aging.

              4. It is used as an additive for latex paint, water glass and 107 glue to make it have obvious water repellency and maintain stable bond strength.

              5. It is used for other special purposes to reduce water absorption and water resistance.

              Storage conditions:

              No special requirements, safe to use, long storage period. When used in home decoration, avoid contact with children, but this product's alkalinity will disappear after being brushed, which is harmless to the human body.

              Packing specification:

              Packed in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg plastic drum.

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